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Fresh Seafood Platter on Demand....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Seafood Platter on Demand....are you crazy or what

Every now and then we get some customers with unrealistic expectations.

Today in the Chefs Kitchen was another example of why.
Customer on the Phone
The phone rang and the waitress answered.
Customer....would you have a seafood platter on the menu?
waitress.... no mam we don't, but we do have a variety of seafood available.
customer.... would you be able to organise a seafood platter?
waitress....when for mam?
waitress...I don't think so, but i will check with the chef for you mam,
waitress...excuse me chef, can you do a seafood platter for 2?
chef... when for?
waitress... tonight chef,
chef....are you for real, of course not. maybe tomorrow or the next day.
waitress...i thought not chef, what would it cost anyway?
chef; $100 per person minimum.

Murphy's Law
What do you customers think? Do you really believe that we have fresh crabs, lobster, and prawns just sitting in the refrigerator waiting for you to call up and order seafood platters? and if you don't call we just throw it out when it's off. Yes fresh food does go off, I'd hate to see what's alive in your fridges.

It's hard enough trying to keep the right amount of produce on hand ready for your ever changing habits in regards to eating. Some nights everybody want's chicken and the amount that you have prepared is not enough. The next night you sell none, that's Murphy's law and us chefs hate Murphy.
Plenty of Seafood Variety
Back to the seafood platter. The lady finds it hard to believe that we can't accommodate her wish for a seafood platter. Even the offer of all the seafood on the menu is not enough for her. Bugs, scallops, prawns, mussels, fresh fish, oysters.

Not forgetting the stuffed calamari on the fish of the day of did I forget to mention the soft shell mud crab special that we are providing.
Oh and then there is the crab meat salad with the pork belly if you fancied that.
Sorry no lobster or whole large crabs.

Now I can safely say that on our menu we offer great variety as you can see from just the few items mentioned above, if you like fish and seafood there is ample choice. But about 4 times a year we get Mr & Mrs customer with unrealistic expectations wanting seafood platters just like that.
Think about it
Now if Mr & Mrs customer had thought about it earlier then we most definitely could have arranged it.
What's a quick trip to the fish market eh!!

Oh yes they don't deliver everyday either do they!!.
P.S. this post was written some time ago, but tonight just brought back those memories....


Hellraiser said...

Ranting Chef, I remember the day very well. I'm glad you told them to FRO! These kind of people are exactly the ones we don't want in a restaurant. They have no idea into what goes on behind the scenes to facilitate such a request. Even if they went to the supermarket and fishmonger, they would have a hard time organising such a request for themselves. So even if you had managed to honour the request, they would have probably moaned like hell if you hadn't crumbed and deep fried the whole fucking platter!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Oh for sure and they would have complained about it as well after the hard work you would have put into it. Crazy.

Banquet Manager said...

Hey boys, hope all is well with you.
Hope you had a great down-under Thanksgiving.

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