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Customers with Dogs

Sunday, November 29, 2009

How very strange. Customers expecting to get a table with their dog!!

I find this a little bizarre. What do you think. Before you bite my head off, I am an animal loving person and do like dogs, but to have them in a restaurant or even on the deck, that's a bit strange and in my opinion not going to happen. It's a restaurant for f..k sake not a kennel, or pound.

Some customers just don't see my side of this and can't quite understand that we don't allow dogs to dine with us...LOL.
Short and sweet post this one but dogs cant read anyway can they.............
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Garlicpbo said...

I have two dogs I dearly love...cook for them all the time...bring them home takeout and leftovers...but that is ridiculous!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

When I worked in Switzerland some regulars always brought in their poodle or a similar breed of dog and feed it underneath the table on a extra plate.Kinda strange.

Hellraiser said...

I am a dog lover, but I have the same opinion Ranting Chef. It's a fucking restaurant, the only exception being guide dogs for the blind!
Unfortunately though, it's a shame we can't apply the same rule to some of the floor staff.....

Anonymous said...

I would much rather be sitting next to a dog sitting quietly under the table than a screaming two year old any day.

Anonymous said...

I run into this all the time. I even keep a copy of the "california food code" at the hostess stand for those "special" guest that dont belive me. I love dogs, but i dont want them in my restaurant or on my patio.

Anonymous said...

We have customers that bring dogs in all the time - it's fucking bullshit!

I also worked at a place where the owner used to bring hers dogs in early in the morning on their walk and she used to walk them straight through the restaurant where they would piss over table legs and trestle tables that were set for buffet breakfasts. She was such a blithering idiot that she never even noticed it - totally oblivious. I only worked there 3 months.


E Nielsen said...

Jesus, you guys are a bunch of pissy cuntsaren't you. I take my service dog to restaurants all the time, with nary a problem. He is certainly better behaved than the boorish, misbehaving children I have to regularly contend with (yesterday the child of the diner next to me spilled ketchup on me-and then the parents got upset when I suggested they remove the little shit and cough up some money for cleaning my suit). My dog has never bothered anyone and is usuallly enjoyed by my fellow diners. If you do not want them in your restaurant let me know-so me and my friends can yake our business elsewhere. And to waiter extrodinaire most European countries welcome their customer's dogs and are happy to cook for them-too bad we are not as civilized.

ranting chef said...

Well, thank you E Nielsen for your comment.
I'm not so sure about your last remark.....but do totally agree about those little rug rats that are called children. (That should also include the parents)Don't get me wrong, I love animals, but feel that a restaurant is not the place for them.

Hellraiser said...

E Nielsen, what kind of service is your dog involved in? I assume it's the police service or armed forces, even a seeing dog for the blind. As you will fully understand, these dogs are highly trained members of the service, not just pets. As with children, I have 3, and they are always impeccably behaved in restaurants, as would your service dog be. The problem, as Ranting Chef says, is mainly with the owners or the parents, you can't blame untrained dogs or children to behave otherwise, that's their nature. I love dogs, and I love my children, but I also feel there are places that each belong to, and places they don't.
At the end of the day we have rules, some restaurants will refuse service to children, some will refuse dogs. Ultimately, here in Australia it is against the law to have anything other than guide dogs in a restaurant.
I know a friend who keeps rats, can he bring them to your local eatery?

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