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Sunday, November 22, 2009

This weekend was as any other busy, busy, busy. Now add to that one of the dishwasher ladies had requested the night off weeks prior. I asked if she would have someone to step in for her that night.This happens so often it's not funny, but getting staff around this place and industry is tough as we all know. A replacement was organised and that was that.

Saturday night and the replacement turns up (on time) shock horror. Only thing is ...........

The boss comes over and says this lady smells from booze!!
Nothing unusual about thought some might think. Having a drink before work or in between shifts is a big NO in my mind.

This lady is introduced and I just wonder!! How does the state of our industry our human race even get like this.

She is well intoxicated. After a few minutes we send her off the premises. She does admit to having a few....LOL

So it was a night with one washer a shit load of dishes and well the rest is history.
How about that coming to work drunk, I might try that one day and see how things pan out how about you......
Picture credit to andrew_mc_d/452713612/ on flicker.


Hellraiser said...

Hic, burp.... sorry bit pissed, eyes blurry, what did you say?! :)

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Some people just don't give a damn about anything.They just go from job to job to job with no hope of changing. Sad

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