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Monday, November 2, 2009

I have cut many a wedding cake in my time, the majority have been made with good craftsmanship. However you do get the odd home made job that lacks the finesse of a professional cake.

The past wedding cake was just one that has to be mentioned. A cake made by professionals, not home made I add.

The cake looked very impressive and was thick with chocolate. That was all fine until it came to the actual cutting and serving. Tonight the cake was to be bagged and given to the guests to take home with them.

The three tiers were all mud cakes of different flavours. One dry and over baked, the other raw and soggy inside. Top kept for better days...It took about a hour to get what was best from the cake and bag it up. All I can say is it was absolute carnage of a cake. I hope not to have another like that.

Please put some thought into choosing your wedding cake and especially how you want it served. Bag it, that's fine but not a creamy soft iced gooey sponge, stick to the traditional fruit cake.


Waiter Extraordinaire said...

A great photo and good advice to anyone who wants to have a cake cut up nicely at the end.

Hellraiser said...

@Ranting Chef

It seems to me that the wedding cakes are a direct reflection on most of the brides that we see, pretty on the surface at the start of the day, carnage by midnight!!!! :)

ranting chef said...

Hey guy's thanks again. How true!!!

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