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Saturday Night Kick Challenge!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

It all started from just one kick.

We receive our milk and cream in plastic bottles 2 and 5 litres.

I would try and kick the empty bottle into the food bin at the other end of the kitchen. A bit of harmless fun, and rarely did one enter the bin.
When I would be the one to finish the contents of the bottle, I would try my luck and kick now and then.

Most kicks would skew off in all directions and on the odd occasion it would take out some prep and water jug or something that would spray everywhere, that's why I allowed only myself to get away with it.
After a few close encounters with expensive produce the decks were well protected due to my lack of success.

Now I am officially announcing the Saturday kick challenge. It is open to the chefs on duty, and the manager!! We collect the bottles throughout the week (get this, even the floor staff keep them for us) and at the end of service when all is cleaned and put away the kick begins.

We have an ongoing score sheet on the wall.

Now that you know about this challenge, I wonder if you have ever done something strange in the kitchen. I can also tell you about cricket and softball with aluminium balls. But that's another time.


Hellraiser said...

I should be playing for Scotland, maybe we would've got into the World Cup....

Unfortunately, I won't be able to continue my amazing success as shown on the video, lol, actually, I probably get 1 in 100 on the mark!!

I'm going for the New Zealand team now, well, whoever can beat the Pommy team (Ranting Chef) :)

There is however another challenge, come and try me here

You'll never take me alive England!

ranting chef said...


Bring on the challengers...

Kickmania is your's bro

Hellraiser said...

Hehe! You're still the Dairy Kick King, undisputed... :)

Anonymous said...

We have played "lawn bowls" which we dubbed bench bowls using an olive as the jack and cherry tomatoes as the bowls. Hours of fun!


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