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Kahlua and Milk

Thursday, September 24, 2009

At the table...

Waiter; Can I get you some thing to drink?
Customer; I'll have a gin & tonic and a Kahlua & milk thank you.
Waiter; does that come in a bottle? WTF

Back at the bar the waiter is looking for the Bottle of Kahlua & milk, having no luck she returns to the table and...

Waiter; sorry sir, how do you spell Kahlua?

Help us please, this can't be the extent of our industry.

I only know this as the customer spoke to me jokingly after dinner.

How can it be that staff can be so idiot's, I mean, you don't need to make your self look stupid do you? Well the clever ones don't. If you are not sure ask another team member, not the customer.

Even if you only have basic knowledge in the hospitality service, try not to show it. The customer doesn't like to feel that they are being served by a fresh incompetent server! He is paying for your service remember and wants service not a question and answer session.

No you are not expected to know the complete bar and all alcoholic beverages (if you did we probably would have other issues) but show a little interest and have a look around the bar and try to familiarise your self with the bottles and liquids within them. On that note happy drinking....


purplegirl said...

WTF? It's not like Kahlua is some exotic thing!

ranting chef said...

Hey Purplegirl, exactly, it would be different if it was some fancy cocktail. Thank you for leaving a comment.

Vijay Eswaran said...

Wow..great post..:)
I prefer Bailey's by the way..

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