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Fuckwit Friday and Shithead Saturday

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I guess you can tell what this post will be about!! Yeah you are right. Once again those fuckwit customers are out and yes it's Friday hence the title. As I am writing this on Monday, I had to add something about those on Saturday so that they didn't feel left out. So Shithead Saturday was born. Friday and Saturday are and will always be the busiest days of our working week, and with that comes all the stress and problems with our beloved customers. The Fuckwit Friday title came to me from our main waitress, I'm not sure if she follows this blog but anyway, it was her who made comment to the common Friday happenings.

This has been going on for sometime now and we have noticed a pattern appearing on both days. Customers are just plain down right stupid and ignorant. They think that just because they have a reservation they own the restaurant. Well no you don't. You don't own your waitperson either and you certainly don't own the chef.

So because of your reservation you think you can have the restaurant changed to accommodate your needs. Well if you had respected the call made to you to confirm numbers and any special requirements then maybe we could have done something for you, but to walk in at 4pm and hand over some cakes then to let us know that you will be less numbers, and looking into the restaurant, asking if that long table along the window is yours, well no. Then to get upset trying to say that you will sit outside then, well no, that is also booked out. Your tables mam are these two nine's.
If you had said when we did call you and you refused to speak with us. Never mind we will see what we can do. The lady then went to the reception and complained to the manager. WTF.
After the phone call asking if we could rearrange the restaurant we explained that we had done it already and that the SB should get a life.

That is a common occurrence with us. Are we doing something wrong?
The Friday syndrome of lunch customers just changing tables at a whim not just once but twice. The questioning of the menu items, that can they have this without that and extra this and none of that saga is so normal it's not funny. The one bill per table system that is such a pain in the rear to put into place it hurts.

Back to the lady with the table change. The evening is well under way and there is a lot of noise in the dinning room, surprisingly it is coming from her table. We ask them to keep the noise down, once, twice and then a third time, not only were they loud but by this time they were rowdy and rude. At the end of the night one cheeky bastard decides to give his ten cents to the manager, I think it was rude of you to tell us to be quiet, he said. It is a restaurant isn't it. We won't be coming back. I heard the conversation and after a couple of Corona's would have normally said something but bit my tongue. The cheek of some people is just down right disgraceful. The poor old couple that were trying to settle there account caught the brunt of the abuse along with the manager and other guests that had suffered far to long.
What is the dinning world coming to I ask........


Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Society has changed over the years.I cannot believe how frequent the host will sit people and they want to sit somewhere else. Before you just sat where the host sat you.

Ann said...

Oh so, so true. Although I have one to add to your Fuckwit Friday and Shithead Saturday. Try the Mummy Brigade with their godforsaken strollers and feral children.

I admit I don't have a fine dining restaurant but we do serve a quality product that is always fresh and quality service. And to have these Mothers come into our restaurant rearrange it at a whim without even asking and then proceed to order ridiculous numbers of babycinos and 1/4 strength skinny lattes is just absurd.

Get a life diners!! We are here to provide a quality experience for all not just the few ignorant idiots out there.

There, that feels better. Congrats guys, doing a fantastic job and should send blog address to all chefs as part of therapy.

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